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Single (2022)


Party Rock Anthem CDBaby.jpg

A Prelude To The Freak Show -

EP  (2018)

Party Rock Anthem -

Single (2020)

Get the music:

Get the music:

"A Loud, In Your Face, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Prelude to the 4-act odyssey, "'Welcome To The Freak Show.'"

Released April, 2018

"Exploding out of the gate with growls as well as gravel right out of Lemmy’s driveway and a howl that would be right at home on Screaming for Vengeance, 'Black Leather Middle Finger' doesn’t disappoint to fire the big guns right from the word go. Between whiplash crisp timing changes, explosive vocal howls and a guitar tone that would make Mick Mars smile, Caster Volor reminds the world that the glory days of ’80s metal will never die.

 ...It is deliberately over the top in the vein of WASP or Motley Crue, and just rude enough to definitely NOT fall into the Glam Metal category Think Guns N Roses or Motorhead - ESPECIALLY they seemed to sound like Motorhead and Judas Priest had a bastard son with "Out Ta Get Me" playing in the background. It kinda tows the line between genres while having a sound entirely their own."

-The Metal Channel

"If you like high energy hard rock and power metal this is the band for you. These three guys play like they are a five piece and write some dang catchy tunes with the spirit of the classic 80's in mind but not sounding all retro."

- Bob Byrne (Legions of Heavy Metal Festival Organizer)

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